The ‘second wave’? A tale of two cities

6 July 2020 Here in Sydney, life has returned to some sort of post-COVID normality. As of 1 July the economy has officially re-opened, albeit with physical distancing measures in place. I’ve even managed to secure employment again after my COVID-induced hiatus. But all is not well… Melbourne – Australia’s second most populous and fastest-growingContinue reading “The ‘second wave’? A tale of two cities”

Reflecting on March 2020: The month that changed our lives

1 April 2020 Today was rather uneventful other than the standard daily beach run, workout and trip to the shops. So I decided to focus on a slightly heavier subject – how the coronavirus pandemic changed my life (and all of our lives) in March 2020. No April foolery here I’m afraid. A new dreamContinue reading “Reflecting on March 2020: The month that changed our lives”