The ‘second wave’? A tale of two cities

6 July 2020 Here in Sydney, life has returned to some sort of post-COVID normality. As of 1 July the economy has officially re-opened, albeit with physical distancing measures in place. I’ve even managed to secure employment again after my COVID-induced hiatus. But all is not well… Melbourne – Australia’s second most populous and fastest-growingContinue reading “The ‘second wave’? A tale of two cities”

From the earth to the ocean

5 April 2020 For anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog, you’ll know that running is an important part of my life. As well as keeping me active and helping to keep the pounds off, I also find it meditative and it is by far the best way for me to clearContinue reading “From the earth to the ocean”

Quarantine cupcakes

4 April 2020 Another wild Saturday night in isolation. I’ve been struggling for things to do recently. My staple daily activities tended to involve seeing friends, swimming, gyming, eating out, hitting the pub and enjoying the beach. None of these activities are possible in self-isolation. I can’t even run at the moment due to myContinue reading “Quarantine cupcakes”

Staying positive on a rainy day

30 March 2020 Today was a rainy day. It was raining when I woke up, it was raining when I had breakfast and it continued to rain until around 3’o’clock this afternoon. It was all in all a pretty miserable day, weather-wise at least. But guess what? I didn’t let that get me down. IContinue reading “Staying positive on a rainy day”