Too much excitement

2 – 3 May 2020 This was the first weekend that we were permitted to visit another household in nearly six weeks. We definitely made the most of the newly loosened restrictions and enjoyed back to back dinner parties on both Friday and Saturday night. Saturday afternoon started with a beachside walk with some refreshments…Continue reading “Too much excitement”

Looking back at better days

19 April 2020 We’ve now been in Australia nearly five years having arrived in June 2015. Making the move was a tough decision – leaving our family and friends and moving to the other side of the world is a big call. But it has without doubt been the best decision we’ve ever made. Today’sContinue reading “Looking back at better days”

Isolation – the things I miss

3 April 2020 The weather hasn’t been great the past couple of days, so I haven’t been out and about taking pictures. Instead, I’ve spent some time going through old photos and memories. This has made me quite nostalgic, so I thought today’s post would focus on the things I miss about life before covid-19Continue reading “Isolation – the things I miss”