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Based in the Northern Beaches with a love of copywriting, content creation, photography, running, swimming and craft beer.

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About me

Hi, I’m James!

With more than 12 years’ experience across several senior Production and Marketing roles, creating interesting content is what I love to do. I’ve produced a huge range of content ranging from magazine articles, press advertisements, social media posts, consumer and B2B emails, direct mail pieces, website content, sales collateral and aspirational blog posts. You name it, I’ve produced it.

As well as extensive experience in creating highly engaging, search-friendly content, I specialise in the amplification of this content. I have a wealth of experience in ensuring the correct content is seen by the correct people on the correct platform – whether that is through social media, advertising platforms, industry publications or targeted email campaigns.

You can check out my work below.


James Richards

My work

As a multi-channel marketing specialist with 12 years’ experience working client and agency side in Australia and the UK, I have practical knowledge of driving, delivering, and analysing content, acquisition, retention, eCommerce, social media and growth campaigns across several industries.

You name it, I’ve produced it. Here’s a selection of my work.

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Copywriting, articles and blogs

From aspirational blogs, to technical website content, SEO and email campaigns, copywriting has been a huge part of my career to date.

I’ve produced a wide range of content across a variety of sectors, including:

Outside of the office I enjoy researching topics and writing compelling content and I’ve been reporting on life in Manly during the coronavirus pandemic with the creation of a blog – Quarantine in Paradise.

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Email campaigns and CRM management

When it comes to email marketing and CRM management, I’m your man.

Not only do I have vast experience in email content production, copywriting and campaign analysis.

But I also have experience working with several CRM platforms including Salesforce, Emarsys, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Pardot.

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Social Media management

Many of my roles have had a strong focus on the delivery of paid and organic social media campaigns to support larger overarching branding and digital campaigns.

Many of my roles have also had a strong element of content creation with a key focus on working closely with internal and external stakeholders on messaging, copywriting and project managing the design and delivery of social campaigns.

I have first-hand knowledge of creating and analysing content across:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Plus, some knowledge of the WeChat platform.

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Branding and PR

I have many years of experience delivering above and the below the line marketing campaigns and have been fortunate to enough to work on some excellent brand marketing initiatives for multinational companies, including:

  • Digital display
  • Social influencer campaigns
  • Radio campaigns
  • Out of home activations
  • Industry articles

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Retention Campaigns and Competitions

As well as engaging with active database members, retention campaigns play a key role in the success of your business.

I have worked on a number of campaigns that have resulted in additional incremental spend and successfully re-engaged and reactivated previously dormant members.

Competitions can be a great way to reengage your membership and to grow your database by reaching new audiences. During my career I’ve run a number of competitions partnering with some of the world’s most respected brands.

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Partnerships and publishers

Throughout my career I’ve worked with a number of external publishers to increase the reach of promotions and communications.

Further reach can help brand awareness, increase database size, increase sales and revenue, increase your pool for digital retargeting.

Likewise, mutually beneficial partnerships with likeminded brands, can help increase the exposure of your company to new audiences through reciprocal marketing or in some instances public relations opportunities.

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Surveys and buyer behaviour

Understanding your membership or database is one of the most important factors for a marketing team.

I have many years of experience of analysing data, creating surveys and combining qualitative and quantitative research to help you understand who your customers really are.

The end game is to define your businesses key buyer personas. This allows you to personalise the tone of voice and messaging of your communications and promotions to ensure they are reaching the right person, at the right time, in the right way.

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Campaign analysis and Account management 

As well as creating and optimising marketing campaigns, I have many years in a number of Account Management and Performance Marketing roles.

This means that I’m am highly adept at analysing data and making recommendations to improve performance.

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If you have any questions about my work or past experience, then don’t hesitate to Contact me.

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