Running, napping and a whole lot of nothing

26 March 2020 As the title suggests, today was very much another day in the ‘New Normal‘. e.g. a day with not a lot going on. The headline picture shows a one of eight cruise ships currently off the coast between Sydney and Wollongong (a small city, south of Sydney). Following last week’s debacle involvingContinue reading “Running, napping and a whole lot of nothing”

Handstand injuries and chasing seagulls

25 March 2020 The headline is more exciting than the day itself, sadly. So I’ll keep it short and sweet today as I want to go to bed. The day started painfully. Before my morning workout routine, I attempted, and failed, a handstand. Landing heavily on my knee. It hurt (a lot), and still does.Continue reading “Handstand injuries and chasing seagulls”

The 'New Normal'

24 March 2020 At the time of writing, the Australian government has announced a further set of lockdown rules to help stem the spread of coronavirus. Cases across Australia have now reached 2000, with over half of these in New South Wales – the state in which we live. At midnight Wednesday libraries, swimming pools,Continue reading “The 'New Normal'”

A reality TV show with a difference

23 March 2020 On our afternoon walk, we stumbled across the set of a prominent reality TV show in which contestants are all contained together in isolation for a number of months. We were informed that filming had been ongoing since the first week of February. This got me thinking… The world that the contestantsContinue reading “A reality TV show with a difference”

The day it all changed

22 March 2020 Today was a crazy day. My morning started with a run up to North Head – a secluded national park easily accessible from Manly. The route took me past the Third Quarantine Cemetery The cemetery was built in the 1881 and is the resting place of over 240 residents who have succumbedContinue reading “The day it all changed”

So what do we do when the beach closes?

21 March 2020 I woke to the news that the global number of COVID-19 cases has risen to more than 200,000 globally with over 11,000 deaths. The number of cases in Australia are now well above 1,000. Elsewhere, a number of locals are being slated in the press for gathering at Bondi Beach during despiteContinue reading “So what do we do when the beach closes?”

Today was a good day, but for how long…

20 March 2020 There’s no point in living by the beach, if you’re not going to make the most of it. Especially when it reaches 36 degrees+ and you’re newly unemployed. Today was all about living by the ocean. Early morning gym (irresponsible I know, but I am careful) was followed by a run upContinue reading “Today was a good day, but for how long…”

Time to get productive ft. the Manly seal

19 March 2020 Ok, time to get productive. First up, time for a run. I try and run at least 20 kilometres per week and find daily exercise keeps me sane – especially without work. Today’s run was a real treat as I got up close and personal with a seal who was sunning himContinue reading “Time to get productive ft. the Manly seal”

The 'f&$k it' day

18 March 2020 I was definitely not at my sharpest today. A few too many happy hour beers at Four Pines set the tone for the rest of the evening. Wine with dinner and a couple of whiskies followed – the aim was to drink away our sorrows, and drink them away we did. TodayContinue reading “The 'f&$k it' day”

The day reality kicked in

17 March 2020 Today is St. Patrick’s Day – another event that has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading globally. It is also the day that I lost my job. For me, today is the day that the true economic implications of the virus well and truly hit home. I workedContinue reading “The day reality kicked in”