Life feels normal again

28 May – 1 June 2020

Is that it for coronavirus in Australia? I must say that the last few days have felt eerily normal.

As of today, restaurants and bars can now host up to 50 patrons at any one time – albeit with some new rules and regulations. This is yet another step towards normality.

Pubs have had to put some new rules in place to encourage social distancing

Over the weekend the beach was open, restaurants and bars were re-opening, the majority of shops were open and people were gathering in groups (notice all the people gathered in the background of main image). Even the news is finally reporting on other issues! All whilst the infection rate remains flat.

The flags are up and the beach is open once again

So I wonder have we finally seen the end of coronavirus pandemic here in Australia. I’ll be continuing with posts on a weekly basis for the time being to document how the situation unfolds. But the signs are certainly promising 🤞

Now to find gainful employment!

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