Here comes the rain

21 – 22 May 2020

My last post regarding the never ending summer was definitely a jinx. Over the past few days, the sun has been replaced by driving rain, the wind has picked up and the temperature dropped significantly. To put this in perspective, I’m writing this in a dressing gown with my feet by the heater.

Notice the heater by the feet

So what do we do when it is raining?

First up, we cook. Here are a couple of the culinary highlights. There have been traditional cornish pasties for lunch…

There have been cook-aroons (they look like macaroons, but have a cookie texture) for snacks…

As well as cooking up a storm, Tory has FINALLY finished her telephone table project. It has been a real labour of love (note that the first picture below was taken way back in March) but it does look great.

Whilst Tory has been creative and productive, I have spent my time job hunting (still a very tough market), working out, reading, playing on the PS4.

I also went for an incredibly rainy run (the main photo is the aftermath).

Those were the highlights from the past couple of rainy days. There is no rest bite in the rainy over the next few days, but we do have a Korean-themed dinner at our friends house tomorrow night to look forward to. We’re attempting to cook dumplings for this, so they’ll be yet more food related content in my next post.

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