The never ending summer

18 – 20 May

As we approach the end of Autumn here in Australia, the sun continues to shine. Indeed, since I lost my job at the tail-end of March (some two months ago), the weather has been ridiculously good and I can count on one hand the number of rainy days we’ve had. So whilst the mind may not be at its sharpest due to the lack of work, the tan and the body are pretty healthy. So far this week has focused on making the most of the good weather and enjoying the great Australian outdoors.

Now the NSW government has loosened social restrictions, we’re finally allowed to relax by the water and on the beach again.

Relaxing in the sun at Fairy Bower

The water clarity at this time of year is amazing, so I’ve been for a couple of swims…

Perfect swimming conditions. If not a bit chilly minus the wet suit

…and a couple of beach runs

Beach jog

It’s a great time of year for walking with the cooler conditions, so Tory and I have been on a couple of adventures away from the Manly bubble over the past few days.

The view of Sydney on our Taronga Zoo to Cremorne walk
Photographing the photographer

We’ve a few rainy days forecast starting tomorrow. But next week is looking glorious once again.

Globally there have been more coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours than ever before with 106,000 new cases bringing the total numbers close to five million. Locally in Australia it is a very different story. Over the past few days we’ve only seen between 8-15 new cases daily and there is talk of further reducing the government restrictions over the coming days.

Fingers crossed 🤞

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