The perfect Sunday session

17 May 2020

The highlight of the past couple of days has definitely been a ‘Sunday sesh’ with a group of friends in our favourite Manly establishment 4 Pines. A couple of months ago this was normal, but nowadays it is a real treat.

Pubs and restaurants are now allowed to host up to ten patrons at any one time. On Thursday we received an email from our beloved 4 Pines, offering us the chance to pre-release access to book a sesh at the pub. We were lucky enough to secure a table for ten, so had the entire venue to ourselves. Our very own private party. Woohoo!

To add to the excitement we were joined by our furry Godchildren Leroy and Franklin…

Meet Franklin (left) and Leroy Jenkins (right)

After our allotted 90 minute slot at 4 Pines we all enjoyed an alfresco cocktail in Manly. All in all it was the perfect Sunday.

A cocktail to see off the weekend in style

The vibe around Manly has changed significantly over the last few days and it’s great to see more people out and about socialising with their family and friends (at a distance of, of course).

The government will no doubt be keeping a close eye on the number of coronavirus cases now that the social restrictions have been loosened. All being well, cases will remain under control, the restrictions will be loosened further and this will be the first of many meetings with our friends in the coming weeks.

Fingers crossed.

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