Looking for work and a virtual house inspection

14 – 15 May 2020

Unemployment during the coronavirus in Australia is not all swims, walks and delicious home cooked meals. It is a concerning time. The facts are that whilst the infection rates here in Australia are low, the economy has suffered here as much as it has anywhere. We’re fortunate as permanent residents that we receive some government support during these challenging times. But in all honesty, the job market here is tough. Very tough.

The graph shows the decrease in job advertisements year-on-year

At this juncture I am still being picky with the jobs I apply for. I’m applying for a handful of roles every week, but have not heard back from many at this stage. The government is starting to ease lockdown measures, which will start to reignite the economy. But it will not be a quick process and things will get worse before they get better for many. Things will improve – we just need to stay positive.

Speaking of positives – as of midnight on Thursday, bars and restaurants are now open again in New South Wales. Venues are currently limited to just 10 customers at any one time, but some city restaurants even opened at 12.01am on Friday morning to seat diners.

In fact, we’ve managed to secure a table for ten at our favourite pub 4Pines on Sunday afternoon – so we’ll have our very own private function. We’re very excited to see a group of friends again.

In other news – it has been a very wet and stormy couple of days. As well as job hunting we had to complete a ‘virtual’ house inspection (main image), Tory baked up some sweet treats…

Custard tarts

…we went for a rainy seaside walk…

Moody skies over the ocean

…and even managed to sneak into 4Pines for a cheeky lunchtime beer on the first day of re-opening.

First pint in eight weeks

Until next time.

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