We’re allowed back in the pub (well, kind of)

12 – 13 May 2020

Positive news

This Friday pubs and clubs will be able to provide dining, along with cafes and restaurants, as part of the state government’s push to boost the economy. It’s not perfect yet as the venues will be limited to a maximum of 10 customers at any one time and social distancing requirements will need to be adhered to. But still, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

This follows the news that the number of people in Australian hospitals with coronavirus has fallen almost 900 per cent since early April. As of Wednesday there were just 50 people fighting COVID-19 in hospital, that’s down from 448 recorded just five weeks ago and there are now just 700 active COVID-19 cases nationwide.

When observing the situation back home in the UK and Europe, the USA and now the rise of cases in Brazil, we really do appreciate how good we have got it here in the Land Down Under.

The New Normal

Since our escape to Watsons Bay on Monday, the last couple of days have been business as usual in Manly.

I’ve kept up the exercise with a number of runs (including the main image with my friend Robbie), workouts and my quickest yet swim from Manly to Shelly beach – now in a wet-suit as it is too cold in and out of the water just to wear the budgy smugglers!

Tory and I have been on a couple of walks…

That’s about it!

Tomorrow rain is forecast all day…

The perfect opportunity for an indoor day, some admin (including a virtual house inspection), looking for jobs and some baking.

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