Manly’s secret hideout

6 – 7 May 2020

Manly – thus named due to the ‘confidence and manly behaviour’ of the Aboriginal people encountered on the northern side of the entrance to Sydney Harbour way back in 1788 – has been our home for the past five years now.

Yes, the coronavirus pandemic has cost us our jobs and income, but it has also reaffirmed to both Tory and I exactly why we moved here in the first place. Aside from the beaches (which are glorious to be fair) there’s an abundance of natural wonders nearby and thanks to Covid-19 we’ve had all the time in the world to explore every nook and cranny of our neighbourhood.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been itching to discover somewhere new, so I got the map out (well, Google maps) and highlighted some areas I had never been before. I found two spots on the map that I hadn’t ventured to previously – North Head Military Lookout and Blue Fish Point – both areas of military significance back in World War II.

I decided to make the pilgrimage this afternoon and I wasn’t disappointed.

North Head National Park is one of my favourite places for wandering amongst nature, military history and is amazing for wildlife spotting.

Both the Military Lookout and Blue Fish Point are located a short walk from the North Head Water Treatment Plant. I probably walk past here at least once a week, but had never been to either of these spots before.

Here are some photos of the Military Lookout.

Blue Fish Point offers some of the best views of Sydney’s Northern Beaches that I have ever seen. You can see all the way up to Palm Beach from this lookout.

I’m sure I won’t be the only Manly local never to have experienced these local secret hideouts.

I’m looking forward to being able to explore further afield in the coming weeks once the lock down restrictions are eased. In the meantime though, Manly has been and continues to be, an amazing place to live and explore on a daily basis.

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