May Day – the loosening of the cuffs

1 May 2020

A pinch and a punch “and all that jazz”.

May Day is celebrated as the start of Spring in many European countries. Here, the other side of the world, the days are drawing in – perfect conditions for dinner and drinks with friends.

Thankfully, as well as being the first day of May, today was also the first day that social restrictions have been loosened in New South Wales – we are now legally allowed to go and see another household. We made the most of this new found freedom and enjoyed an Indian feast at our friend’s house for dinner.

Someone is excited to be out and about

In other news…

The sun decided to come out to honour the first day of May. This made a nice change from the past few identical grey days. It was perfect conditions for my first run in four weeks.

Tory has decided I need to maximise my time in isolation by learning some new skills. So I’ll be enjoying some daily challenges in May. Today I learnt to plait hair.

My first ever plait

Speaking of hair – my nose hair has been getting out of control recently (the joys of getting old). So we decided to change that with a waxing kit. Gents, if you haven’t tried it before – it is a game changer. Trust me.

Worth the fear

All in all a rather productive day and a good start to May.

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