Multiple identical grey days

28 -30 April 2020

Isolation has finally taken its toll on my daily blog and I’ve had to combine multiple days into a single post. It helps that the days in question were all practically identical – grey and cloudy, with the rain coming yesterday.

The less glamorous side of Manly – shopping in the rain

So this is what we’ve been up to over the past few days. Nothing groundbreaking and certainly not great blog content – but this is our reality at the moment.


As always, we have eaten very well over the past couple of days. The highlight was probably a green chicken tikka korai curry…

The curry turns from red to green once the spinach and chilli sauce has been added


Despite the cloudy weather, I’ve managed to drag myself for a couple of swims. It has been too choppy ocean side, so I’ve had to resort to swimming in the harbour. This is one of the great things about Manly – if its choppy one side, its usually calm the other.

Harbourside swim on the left, ocean on the right


Both Tory and I have trying yoga over the past week and are now on Day 7 of 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I’m especially keen to improve my flexibility to (hopefully) reduce my chances of running injuries when I restart training in May. I’m not sure yoga will cure my chalky knees though, sadly.

Home workouts

We’ve also been working out daily. Which has been a godsend. I was concerned that when the gyms shut, I’d lose fitness at home. But in reality, I’m working much harder during the home workouts than I was at the gym.

Post-workout collapse


I think the primary reason we haven’t gone crazy without work, is the fact that we have so many beautiful locations on our doorstep that we can incorporate into our daily exercise routines. It may have been a grey few days, but the scenery around here is still awesome.

A friendly Australian brushturkey

Getting creative

I’ve been fairly unadventurous here – mainly reading books and playing on the PS4. Tory – on the other hand has been very busy.

Making her own body scrub out of the dregs of my coffee (yes, really)…

…painting. Even sanding

Sleeping (a lot)

We’ve definitely caught up on our sleep over the past six weeks. Generally we get up early and go to bed early. This has slipped a bit over the past week though – we’ve still been crashing out early, but have been getting up later and later. We’ve now hit 10 hours sleep a night in four of the last seven days. Unbelievable.

That pretty much sums up the past few days. As of tomorrow (Friday) the sun is forecast to shine and we’re allowed to go and visit another household – which means we can see our friends. Bring on the weekend!

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