Today’s entertainment was a teddy bear hunt

27 April 2020

Wild scenes in Manly today, with a number of properties placing stuffed toys and ‘teddy bears’ in windows to give children a fun and safe activity while walking around their neighbourhood with parents. Note: This also works for adults exploring on their daily exercises. This is part of a global trend with bears spotted all around the globe including the US, Finland, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Who lives in Bear Cottage I wonder…

Here are a few furry friends we have discovered on our wanders around Manly over the past couple of days.

A teddy at Lagoon Park in Queenscliff

Even Tory’s childhood bear and long-term best friend Bobby got in on the action…

Bobby didn’t want to miss out on all of the excitement

In some excellent news for New South Wales residents – as of Friday, the government will reduce restrictions and allow two adults to visit a household. This means we can legally go and see our friends.

This is especially good news for local teddy bears who’ll no longer have me photographing them when they least expect it.

You know the situation is getting drastic when a fully grown adult is undertaking a bear hunt for fun.

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