Anzac Day fail

25 April 2020

Today was Anzac Day – a national day of remembrance that commemorates all Aussies and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations over the years. We managed to get up for sunrise yesterday (as per the main image), but failed miserably today due to a rather heavy night with the neighbours. In fact, we struggled to leave the house at all until after lunch.

On this basis, today’s post isn’t very interesting I’m afraid. Here are some photos that sum up the day’s activities…

When we did leave the house, it was glorious weather and the Fairy Bower was packed both in the water and shore. A dip in the ocean might have cured us, but we didn’t make it in.

A packed Fairy Bower

Harbourside, it was a bit more peaceful…

The afternoon consisted of a bit of time on the lawn and finally finishing the Sopranos!

That was it today. Tomorrow is a new day and it looks to be the last day of sunshine for a while – so we had best get out and make the most of it.

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