‘Dam’, that’s a lot of bats!

23 April 2020

Today we went to Manly Dam and damn, did we see a lot of bats! See what I did there?

As we’ve more time on our hands than usual due to the coronavirus fallout, we’ve decided to do more walks. Today we headed to Manly Warringah War Memorial State Park – also known as Manly Dam. Pre-coronavirus, it was a great location for a picnic, drinks or a BBQ with friends, in fact I had my birthday there last year.

Happier times spending time in public with actual friends

Nowadays though we’re not allowed to sit down and relax, so we circumnavigated the lagoon by foot.

Tory hiking

It’s a picturesque walk and great for enjoying the native flora and fauna. This was the route we took along with some snaps from the walk.

From Manly Dam we wandered to Balgowlah Reserve – home to tens of thousands of flying foxes (giant fruit bats). It was an amazing sight to see that I was not aware of until yesterday’s stroll. I imagine it is spectacular in the evening when they all take-off to hunt for dinner. We’ll definitely be back to check that out!

We made it back to Manly for a late afternoon beer on the lawn. A Sopranos marathon followed – almost done with the series after a solid few weeks viewing.

The aim is to get up for sunrise as it is ANZAC Day tomorrow. We shall see.

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