Giant jellyfish and fancy dress Zoom calls

21 April 2020

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve done a true daily update. So here we go.

Nothing much has changed here to be honest. The number of coronavirus cases in Australia and New South Wales in particular have dropped dramatically – just six new cases for each of the past two days in our corner of the country. However, we’re still in lock down/isolation and all the same social distancing regulations apply.

The sun is still shining and the excellent weather shows no sign of abating, so on this basis, our standard daily activities – walking, swimming, relaxing and crafting (Tory not me) on the lawn – will likely continue for most of the week.

Wall to wall sunshine

The highlight of my morning – as is often the case nowadays – was the Manly to Shelly swim. Today’s swim was more of a leisurely snorkel thank a vigorous swim. I went with my friend Tom and the visibility was excellent. It was like being in an aquarium with thousands of colourful fish and we even saw a giant jellyfish (see below photo of me and ‘the Beast’).

Photo courtesy of Tom

My afternoon consisted of cooking up a storm (baked mushrooms for lunch and fish and chips with mushy peas for dinner) whilst Tory had a nice ‘crafternoon’ on the lawn.

Tory working on one of her projects

After an evening workout and the second day of our ‘30 Days of Yoga with Adriene‘ we ordered some beers in from 4Pines and enjoyed a fancy dress zoom call for our friend’s birthday.

Mini mouse and a zorro-magician cross

Then things got a bit wild…

Day done.

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