Looking back at better days

19 April 2020

We’ve now been in Australia nearly five years having arrived in June 2015. Making the move was a tough decision – leaving our family and friends and moving to the other side of the world is a big call. But it has without doubt been the best decision we’ve ever made.

Today’s post looks back on 19 April every year since we arrived in Australia. It’s interesting to see how our lives have changed over the years. It is also interesting to see what life was like before the coronavirus restrictions were put in place.

19 April 2020 – The ‘New Normal’

Our daily home workout due to the gyms being closed

As you’ve seen in recent posts, the ‘New normal‘ for us includes many restrictions: self isolation, social distancing, no meeting up with friends, no events, no beach, no swimming pools, no eating out, no bars, no travelling, no gyms, no family around. No. No. No.

It has been like this for a few weeks now and there’s no immediate end in sight. It was certainly a very different 19 April compared to the previous few years.

19 April 2019 – After work drinks

Enjoying an after work drink in 2019

Wow! A suit – I’ve not seen one of them in a while. Many things have changed since 19 April 2019. This time last year I was happily employed, working in the city in a decent role for a global company and (by the looks of the photo) enjoying a lethal frozen margarita in El Camino in Manly, probably after hopping off the fast ferry.

Fast forward a year and I haven’t worn a suit in well over a month, my previous company have shut down in APAC, I’ve lost my new ‘dream job’, commuting on the ferry is a distant memory and El Camino has shut its doors due to coronavirus. In fact you can’t have an after work drink anywhere.

19 April 2018 – Dinner in the city with Mum and Tory

On the ferry back to Manly after dinner in the city – drunk eyes all round

This time two years ago, mum was over from the UK and we enjoyed drinks and dinner in the city (maybe we enjoyed them a little too much judging by the drunk eyes). This photo shows us on the ferry on the way back to Manly.

Nowadays, a travel ban is in place – we’re not allowed overseas and those from overseas are not allowed in. All bars and restaurants are shut – so dinner in the city is a no-go. In-fact we’re not allowed to leave the house unless its an emergency. Also, public transport is practically empty. In the 2018 photo the new 1.5 metre social distancing is certainly not being observed and there’s not a mask in sight. If I want to see mum, I can only do so by video call. Sad times.

19 April 2017 – Frozen daiquiris on the beach

Frozen raspberry daiquiris on Little Manly beach

Yes, more alcohol – a bit of a theme here. Three years ago Tory and I enjoyed the sunset on Little Manly beach with some drinks. Technically, we weren’t allowed to do this then either (the alcohol part anyway). But at least we could sit, relax and soak up the sunset.

Nowadays, the daiquiris are definitely still an option, but only in the safety of our own home (or lawn). Beaches are closed and sitting or standing in public without a reasonable excuse is punishable with a fine of up to $11,000 per person. No thanks.

19 April 2016 – A day out on the kayak

Tory and I on our way to Store Beach by kayak

On 19 April 2016 we were on our way to Store Beach for a day of sunbathing, drinks and a picnic. A few things have changed since then.

First up, I’d never drink a James Squires beer now unless I had no choice – I’m far too much of a craft beer snob for that. Secondly our kayak is no longer with us. But even if we did want to take Malibu 2 XL out for a spin with some beers, we wouldn’t be allowed. Store beach is shut to the public and leaving the house for non-essential purposes is forbidden.

Bring back the good old days!

Thankfully, here in Australia at least, the situation does seem to be improving. Schools are re-opening after the Easter break as planned, and some beaches are also re-opening. Cases of COVID-19 have flattened nationwide and were down to just six new confirmed cases in New South Wales today. Hopefully it will not be much longer before some of the restrictions are lifted and we can go back to some form of normality.

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