Groundhog Day – Walk. Photograph. Repeat.

16 April 2020

Today was Groundhog Day, but there’s nothing wrong with that nowadays. After all, options are pretty limited for us all with the current social distancing and isolation measures in place.

A standard day in isolation for us usually starts with a morning workout, followed by a walk by the ocean and a swim (or a run when my knee allows it). In the evening, we’ll watch a movie or the Sopranos. In between these activities, we’re either talking about food, thinking about food, organising food or eating food.

I think that the most positive outcome of the blog for us both has been it gets us out and about on a daily basis. Ultimately, if I don’t get out with the camera, then I won’t have anything to write about. This does mean that the average day includes a lot of walking and many photographs. Today was one such day.

Today we walked from Manly to Queenscliff Beach twice – once in the morning, once at sunset. Here are the best photos from both of these walks.

Daytime walk

Tory looking back on Manly Beach from Queenscliff

Evening stroll

That was about it today. Groundhog day.

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