Budgy smugglers and dog walks

15 April 2020

Staying active is vital for my mental well-being. If I’m not able to get out and about and get my heart rate up, then I turn into a caged animal. Especially when there is no sign of work to stimulate me mentally. Thankfully today was a very active day with lots of exercise, walking and swimming.

We were also fortunate enough to spend some time with some friends and their beautiful dogs. Social distancing was, of course, strictly observed throughout.

The day started with a morning workout…

Weighted sit-ups using a laundry basket

Followed by a long walk with my friend Ben and his dog Bernie…

A couple of handsome boys

This was followed by an ocean swim from Manly to Shelly Beach and back…

A couple more handsome boys

During which time Tory went for a walk with another beautiful dog, Franklin…

Franklin loves the water

The rest of the day involved reading on the lawn and relaxing. At night we watched Kill Bill and ate crispy Thai pork belly. Delicious.

Hump day done.

From a COVID-19 standpoint, numbers of new cases in Australia continue to reduce on a daily basis. There is talk about slowly reducing the lock-down measures in place in order to kick-start the economy.

It has been 106 days since the first case was reported in China and there have been more than 2 million cases reported globally, with more than 133,000 deaths.

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