Not everyone is obeying the rules

13 April 2020

We’re fortunate that here in Australia cases of COVID-19 have remained relatively low. There have been some 6,300 cases confirmed nationwide and 61 deaths. Although any avoidable fatality is a tragedy, the numbers are far less severe than elsewhere.

Both Tory and I are English and the United Kingdom alone has nearly 90,000 confirmed cases and over 10,000 fatalities. Globally, there are nearly 2 million cases being reported, with 120,000 deaths. So here in Australia, although economically and financially coronavirus has been disastrous, we are fortunate the pandemic has not caused more devastation to our healthcare system. However, this could all change very quickly if we are not careful and do not continue to abide by the social distancing measure put in place by the government.

Manly beach yesterday – was as busy as I have ever seen it. Walker and joggers were everywhere and surfers were crammed into the ocean all along the beach (main image). This was disappointing to see.

Police seem unsure where to start with the enforcement of social distancing

Harbour side, things were a lot more subdued thankfully. Here are some photos from our afternoon walk.

A highlight of the day, was that 4Pines Beer – regularly featured in my blog and my favourite brewery – included my Alternative Easter Egg hunt post on their Instagram page. Thanks guys!

Thanks for the shout out 4Pines – you’re my favourite

Today, was the end of the Easter long weekend and was our fifth and final day of drinking alcohol again. Sobriety starts tomorrow (for a while at least).

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