Easter Saturday: sunshine, pizza and Indiana Jones

11 April 2020

After yesterday’s excitement with the alternative Easter egg hunt, today was a return to normality in isolation. That being said, the sun was shining and it was a solid Easter Saturday.

The day started with the Manly to Shelly swim – the forth time this week I’ve managed to do this. This time I dragged a couple of mates along too and it was glorious as always. We then enjoyed a couple of beers on the lawn, did some shopping for our Easter Sunday Feast and organised our wine collection in price order (sad but true).

Our wine labelled by price

This evening we made a couple of incredible home made pizzas. They were probably the best home made pizzas we’ve ever made (and we’ve made a hell of a lot of pizzas).

First we made the dough…

Look at that rise

Then we created the masterpieces…

This was the final outcome (please excuse the Harry Potter pyjamas)…

Dinner was washed down with a lovely bottle of white from Peacock Hill Vineyard in the Hunter Valley…

‘Absent friends’ (very topical) a lovely drop from Peacock Hill

…and was accompanied by Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc. An absolute classic.

On a more serious note

Relatively speaking, the number of Australian coronavirus cases have been pretty low. There have been some 6,300 confirmed COVID-19 cases nationwide. However, the number of community infections continue to rise on a daily basis.

It is genuinely tragic to see what is going on across the world and it would be devastating to see a similar scenario here. But it could easily happen if we’re not careful.

To be honest, the scene at Manly beach this morning was disappointing. It really could have been any Saturday before the social restrictions. It was packed. Hopefully this long weekend doesn’t result in another spike of infections. We shall see.

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