An alternative Easter egg hunt

10 April 2020

Today was meant to be a hibernation day, with rain forecast from dawn until dusk. The morning transpired as the weather forecast said it would – constant drizzle. However, in the afternoon, just as we were getting comfortable in our lounge wear, the clouds parted and the sun came streaming down. Almost immediately, I became restless and had to leave the house. I really must learn to relax more.

I went for a walk to Shelly beach – which was unusually deserted – and into Manly to buy Tory some flowers. It is Easter after all.

I arrived home ready to receive my ‘Boyfriend of the year’ award. But Tory, as always, outdid me on the life partner front. During my time out of the house she had set up an Easter egg hunt in our garden. Only the Easter eggs were swapped for 4Pines Pale Ales – my favourite beer! What. A. Woman.

These were the hiding places…

After the hunt was complete we enjoyed a couple of cold beers in the sun. Our first beers in three weeks were predictably delicious. All in all it was a very solid afternoon in isolation.

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