A Mexican fiesta for two

9 April 2020

After nearly three weeks of sobriety, we’re intentionally leaping off the wagon for the Easter long weekend. We decided to start the boozing in style by having our own Mexican fiesta in isolation. What better way to celebrate the alleged* resurrection of the son of God than with tequila?

Tory looking lovely in a floral number

The evening consisted of margaritas…

Classic margarita ingredients


Every day I’m shufflin’

…and more (frozen) margaritas

Plus, burrito bowls and latino beats. It was great to spend some quality time with Tory not in front of the TV for once. Plus, it was excellent to have a drink again.

Colourful couple

This is the first of five days of alcohol and indulgence ahead of us for the Easter weekend. Bring on the food, alcohol and chocolate.

Australians have been warned to avoid all non-essential travel over Easter amid the coronavirus crisis, with Police around the country cracking down on holidays, road trips and even family gatherings of more than two people.

Source: News.com.au

The curve of new cases has flattened, but this weekend has been identified as a critical turning point on how the pandemic progresses from this point onward.

*No offence meant

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