Hunting for street art

8 April 2020

As I’m sure you can all appreciate, some days you have to be creative when searching for things to do in isolation. Today was one such day. So this afternoon we decided to combine our standard supermarket sweep with a hunt for some local street art around Manly. Here are some of the photos.

The morning was fairly productive with the usual hour-long home workout followed by a Gumtree mission to pick up some cheap plates and bowls from a local restaurant – Ora – that has recently closed down.

Strong look for today’s workout including Christmas beer t-shirt

I also went for another Manly to Shelly ocean swim at lunchtime, with my friend Robbie. It was the third day in a row I’ve done the 1,500m loop and it was amazing as always. It was also far less terrifying than doing it alone (though still pretty terrifying). FYI – we wore matching colourful budgie smugglers for the swim. No photo for that I’m pleased to inform you – maybe one day…

Manly beach to Shelly beach swim loop

That was about it for today folks.

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