Yoga, swimming and photography – another day in lock-down

7 April 2020

Yesterday was a great day and I was on a real high after completing my first ever Manly to Shelly swim. Today, was busy, but not quite as exciting.

The morning started with the usual home workout which I’ve now increased to 1.5 hours in duration…

Jack-knife sit ups (apparently). Tough

The workout ended with a bit of yoga. Another first for me. Namaste.

Front room yoga

I then headed to Mosman to help a friend move into his new house. Not great for self-isolation, but he needed the help.

I got back late afternoon and decided to go for an ocean swim by myself. Which is really not a great thing to do. Again, I did the Manly-Shelly beach loop. To be honest, it was terrifying. The water visibility was poor, the tide was coming in quickly, it was choppy and I was one of the only swimmers in the ocean. I was absolutely exhilarated after finishing in one piece and once the adrenaline wore off, I was shattered.

Today’s swim

The evening was spent taking a few sunset snaps (hero image of me taking a snap – versus actual photo below), having a bath and watching the 1993 classic The Fugitive with Harrison Ford. We were tucked up in bed shortly after 8.30pm. Life without booze really is wild.

Photo featured in hero image, minus the photographer

Today was very much the ‘New normal’. With the curve of new cases of coronavirus flattening, there is pressure from some businesses to re-open bars and restaurants. However, the government has made it very clear that the measures in place will remain for the foreseeable future.

Cases globally have reached 1.4 million with more than 80,000 deaths. In Australia, we now have 5,800 cases, with 45 deaths – but the daily total of new cases does appear to be diminishing on a daily basis. This is great news and proof that the self-isolation and other measures are working and should be kept up.

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