Manly to Shelly Beach swim with a dusky whaler shark

6 April 2020

Today was a big day for me, it was the first time I have attempted the Manly to Shelly beach ocean swim – and it was amazing. I even saw a small shark!

I set off with my friend Tom from Shelly beach…

Leaving Shelly beach

We hugged the shore line as that’s where the best snorkelling is (Tom snorkelled) and we saw a juvenile dusky whaler shark after around 200 meters or so. Cabbage Tree Bay – a section of the swim we completed – is home to a number juvenile dusky whalers as the water cools down. Wobbegong sharks, groupers and giant cuttlefish are also residents. It’s a spectacular location and we’re very lucky to have it right on our doorstep.

Tom (left) and I heading towards Manly beach

The conditions for the swim were perfect. The water was calm and not too chilly.

Almost finished as I approach Shelly beach

Overall the swim is circa 1500m. So a decent workout, especially being my first ocean swim and without any rest bite.

Time-lapse video of finishing up the swim

The rest of the day was pretty low key – a home workout, a bit of yoga, reading and sunbathing on the lawn. Definitely active enough to counterbalance my first day off running. This evening’s entertainment was the film Double Jeopardy. A classic.

The good news from Australia in terms of coronavirus continues, with a flattening in the curve of new cases reported. This shows that social distancing and self isolation is working.

However, there has been an increase in community transmissions over the past few days. Manly – our home suburb – has been announced as one of the regions most affected in New South Wales. So we must remain vigilant and respect the social distancing rules.

That’s me swimming in the main photo, so the photographs in today’s post are courtesy of Tory Smith.

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