Quarantine cupcakes

4 April 2020

Another wild Saturday night in isolation.

I’ve been struggling for things to do recently. My staple daily activities tended to involve seeing friends, swimming, gyming, eating out, hitting the pub and enjoying the beach. None of these activities are possible in self-isolation. I can’t even run at the moment due to my knees.

So, I’ve been climbing the walls somewhat. This in turn has been driving Tory crazy. So this evening we decided to try something different – some baking!

Here are the photos of the process and the outcome. I’m actually pretty proud of these – they were delicious. Rather than being reliant on exercise, maybe I’ll just give in to my inner fat boy and surrender to the god of baked goods. Mmmmmmm.

Butter and chocolate
A delicate operation
They rose
The finished article
White chocolate centre!

After dinner and a couple of cupcakes, we watched the film Contagion. If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend it – it’s not the best film, but it is scarily similar to what the world is facing with coronavirus.

There’s some good news from Australia in terms of coronavirus, with a flattening in the curve of new cases reported. This shows that social distancing and self isolation is working and will save many lives.

Source: Australian Government Department of Health

Spain and Italy, have reported reduced deaths for the past few days thankfully. Globally, though the virus continues to wreak havoc. The USA has just announced a daily death toll of more than 1,000. The UK has also announced it’s biggest death toll for the fifth day in a row, with 708 in a 24-hour period. So the pandemic is still escalating across a number of countries and regions.

There have now been nearly 1.2m cases reported globally, with 65,000 deaths.

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