The Spit to Manly walk

2 April 2020

I’m conscious that yesterday’s post focusing on how our lives had changed in March was all doom and gloom. So no negative vibes in today’s post I promise. In fact, today was a good day.

We’re only allowed to leave the house for essential activities, one of which is exercise. On this basis, we decided our essential exercise for the day would be the Spit Bridge to Manly scenic coastal walk – a beautiful 10k walk passing through a number of neighbourhoods and harbour beaches. It’s my favourite walking route in Sydney and is a great way to get outside and experience the best of Sydney’s beaches, vistas and wildlife, whilst burning off a few calories (and occupying a few hours).

I’m experiencing a bit of writers block today, so have used imagery to get our day across. Here are some photographs from the walk that I hope you enjoy.

The walk starts at the Spit Bridge which connects the suburbs of Mosman, on the south bank and Seaforth, on the north bank. It was built in 1958 and is (fun fact) the only lift bridge still operational on a major road in New South Wales.

The walk is pretty hilly…

Sweaty back after climbing one of the many hills on the route

But here’s plenty of stereotypical Australian flora and fauna along the route to keep you occupied…

Gum (Eucalyptus) trees galore
Water Dragons aplenty

There are some amazing views to be enjoyed…

Views of Manly
Views of typical Australian landscape
The city skyscrapers are visible behind Balmoral beach

And some lovely beaches…

Tory on Clontarf beach

But there were signs of the effects of coronavirus along the walk too…

A playground is shut at 40 Baskets Beach due to coronavirus
The ocean pool at Fairlight Beach is drained and closed due to Covid-19

This is the route we took…

The walk starts at the Spit Bridge and ends back home in Manly

Coronavirus cases have now reached 1 million globally, with over 52,000 deaths. Here is Australia, we’ve now confirmed more than 5,000 cases, but just 25 deaths thus far.

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