Multiple identical grey days

28 -30 April 2020 Isolation has finally taken its toll on my daily blog and I’ve had to combine multiple days into a single post. It helps that the days in question were all practically identical – grey and cloudy, with the rain coming yesterday. So this is what we’ve been up to over theContinue reading “Multiple identical grey days”

Today’s entertainment was a teddy bear hunt

27 April 2020 Wild scenes in Manly today, with a number of properties placing stuffed toys and ‘teddy bears’ in windows to give children a fun and safe activity while walking around their neighbourhood with parents. Note: This also works for adults exploring on their daily exercises. This is part of a global trend withContinue reading “Today’s entertainment was a teddy bear hunt”

A glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel

26 April 2020 Some good news came out regarding coronavirus restrictions in Australia today. Following a number of weeks of reduced cases across the country, both Queensland and Western Australia have announced that they’ll relax the social restrictions in place imminently. The new rules will allow the following: Increase in the number of people allowedContinue reading “A glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel”

Anzac Day fail

25 April 2020 Today was Anzac Day – a national day of remembrance that commemorates all Aussies and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations over the years. We managed to get up for sunrise yesterday (as per the main image), but failed miserably today due to a ratherContinue reading “Anzac Day fail”

A day of two halves – sunrise and neighbourly drinks

24 April 2020 I’m writing this a day late due to a hangover from the ‘neighbourly drinks’ mentioned in the title. Its the first time I’ve been hungover in months and it is definitely not conducive to good copy writing. So I’ll keep this post short and sweet. This morning we thought it was AnzacContinue reading “A day of two halves – sunrise and neighbourly drinks”

‘Dam’, that’s a lot of bats!

23 April 2020 Today we went to Manly Dam and damn, did we see a lot of bats! See what I did there? As we’ve more time on our hands than usual due to the coronavirus fallout, we’ve decided to do more walks. Today we headed to Manly Warringah War Memorial State Park – alsoContinue reading “‘Dam’, that’s a lot of bats!”

Another day in paradise

22 April 2020 This is very much a Manly appreciation post. Despite the current coronavirus situation I’m enjoying life here more than ever at the moment. Today was a day of beach side living at its best – the sun was shining, there was not a cloud (and just one solitary plane) in the sky,Continue reading “Another day in paradise”

Giant jellyfish and fancy dress Zoom calls

21 April 2020 It’s been a couple of days since I’ve done a true daily update. So here we go. Nothing much has changed here to be honest. The number of coronavirus cases in Australia and New South Wales in particular have dropped dramatically – just six new cases for each of the past twoContinue reading “Giant jellyfish and fancy dress Zoom calls”

Time is no longer an excuse

20 April 2020 The main positive about the ‘New normal’ is that we all now have plenty of time. Time to try new things. Time to exercise. Time to cook. Time to be ourselves. Time to relax. Time to spend with our loved ones. The phrases “I don’t have time” or “I’m too busy” areContinue reading “Time is no longer an excuse”

Looking back at better days

19 April 2020 We’ve now been in Australia nearly five years having arrived in June 2015. Making the move was a tough decision – leaving our family and friends and moving to the other side of the world is a big call. But it has without doubt been the best decision we’ve ever made. Today’sContinue reading “Looking back at better days”