Being neighbourly and exploring Manly

29 March 2020

Today was literally the very first time in our two-year stint at this apartment, that we’ve spent any time with our neighbours. We all hung out in the garden – at a safe distance, of course – and it was great to finally do so. I think that now we have more time in general, we will also have more time for each other. That’s a huge positive that will come out of this otherwise horrible situation.

The other highlight today was an evening walk around Manly. Specifically to the “castle on the hill” (main image) where a famous scene in the Great Gatsby ft. Leo DeCaprio was filmed. From here we went up to North Head, then down to Shelly Beach and through Manly. Here are some of my snaps taken on my FijiFilm X-T10.

A swamp on the North head to Shelly beach trail. Amazing amount of bird life and frogs up here
A view of Manly, Freshwater and Curl Curl beaches on the Shelly beach walking track
A resident Water Dragon on the Manly to North Head walk
One of the biggest Australian garden orb weaver spiders I have ever seen

Today, in Australia at least, there were finally some positive signs on the coronavirus front. It seems that measures enforced by the government to stem the flow of new COVID-19 cases are working. Although cases are up daily (in fact, they’ve now reached 4,000 nationwide), the increase is lower than it was yesterday. If this continues in the coming days, then we will see the ‘flattening of the curve’ of new cases. So fingers crossed this is the start of a trend, rather than an anomaly.

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