The great curry cook-off

28 March 2020

Another wild day in the Richards-Smith household during self-isolation.

This morning consisted of a morning workout which included some questionable exercise moves…

Hindu press-ups (apparently)

We then went down to the practically deserted local Harbour beach (known as ‘The Office’ to the Manly locals) for some ‘social distancing compliant sunbathing’ and some reading. This is about as active as it got. After about an hour, the heavens opened – so we headed home.

Brushing up on my Australian history on the beach.

Now, to the headline. The Great Curry Cook-off. We’ve recently acquired some excellent Sri Lankan curry recipes from our friend Tom (plus my Dad’s dal recipe – or is that dhal – or dahl?), so though this afternoon, would be as good a time as any to test these out – so we cooked up the following feast for dinner:

  • Okra curry
  • Fried potato curry
  • Masoor dal/dhal/dahl

Anyway, that was the daily highlights from our little world of isolation.

From a coronavirus standpoint, things are definitely ramping up. There are more than 3,500 cases across Australia now, with 1,600 in New South Wales. To put this in perspective, since I started the blog, we had just 450 cases nationwide – that’s an increase of 680% in circa 10 days and it is spreading rapidly.

If Australia coronavirus cases continue to double every five days, as they are doing now, Australia would have 32,000 coronavirus cases 20 days from now…

Still it could be much worse – as we’re seeing in Italy, Spain and the USA (as well as China). But this really highlights the importance of self-isolation and social distancing. Something, not all of the country are taking seriously enough sadly. If we’re not careful, we could see a similar situation over here.

Stay safe everyone x

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