Walking by the sea, whilst we still can

27 March 2020

A stage three lock-down in Australia is inevitable as the number of coronavirus cases in Australia continue to surge. We’re now standing at over 3000 cases nationwide and have seen a worrying increase in the number of cases that are not linked to overseas travel or existing known clusters. The virus is now spreading rapidly in the wider community.

In the UK, all shops selling non-essential goods have been shut, schools closed and gatherings of more than two people banned. It is likely Australia will announce similar regulations this weekend. Our neighbours, New Zealand, have already announced a lock-down where all non-essential businesses have been shut down already.

On this basis, we decided to make the most of the sunshine on a beach side walk from Manly to Dee Why. It’s highly likely that this won’t be allowed when the stricter measures come into play.

Tory enjoying the sea spray

The walk is beautiful, but there is definitely a different energy is the Northern beaches at this time.

A local resident continues to use the Freshwater pool, despite the area being closed due to coronavirus

Some locals continue to ignore warnings over Covid-19 exposure as the ocean pools were still quite busy…

Cheese and pickle sandwich with a view

This time last week, we were relaxing with friends on the beach. Something we took for granted. It will likely be many months before we’re able to catch up with a group face-to-face.

Global cases are now approaching 600,000. The USA (101,000) and Italy (86,000) have now overtaken China (81,000) as the country recording the most cases. A concerning statistic is that Italy has reported nearly 33% of the global deaths from coronavirus, from just 15% of cases.

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