Running, napping and a whole lot of nothing

26 March 2020

As the title suggests, today was very much another day in the ‘New Normal‘. e.g. a day with not a lot going on.

The headline picture shows a one of eight cruise ships currently off the coast between Sydney and Wollongong (a small city, south of Sydney). Following last week’s debacle involving the Ruby Princess – 147 of the 2,700 passengers on board were allowed to disembark in Sydney later tested positive for the virus – the government has now banned all cruise ships from docking in Sydney Harbour. This means that potentially thousands of crew and passengers are now left, isolated at sea, on board ships, many of which have had positive cases of COVID-19 confirmed. So whatever your situation at home, be thankful you’re not one one of those ships.

Our side. The day was pretty uneventful.

Following my handstand injury yesterday, I battled through the pain barrier and went for a run up to North Head.

Following my run, I had a nap…

Other than some more Sopranos binge-watching and applying for some jobs, that was about it today.

Also. Equally as uninteresting, this is our forth day of sobriety. Which, although it is boring, has led to some excellent night’s sleep and my average heart rate dropping pretty drastically according to my Garmin. So that’s a positive.

No boozing leads to a lower heart rate. Who would have thought it

Apologies, once again for some pretty uninspiring content. This is the world we live in now sadly.

Global cases now top half a million, with Italy on the cusp of overtaking China as the country recording the most cases. Here in Australia, we’re reporting 2,800 cases, half of which have been in New South Wales.

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