Handstand injuries and chasing seagulls

25 March 2020

The headline is more exciting than the day itself, sadly. So I’ll keep it short and sweet today as I want to go to bed.

The day started painfully. Before my morning workout routine, I attempted, and failed, a handstand. Landing heavily on my knee. It hurt (a lot), and still does. Serves me right I suppose!

35-year old guys, should act their age

We then hobbled into Manly for a takeway coffee by the water. Many shops are still busy serving takeaways thankfully – the Aussies can’t live without their coffee.

Coffee by the water

The afternoon consisted of filling out our Centrelink online forms for around 4-5 hours. The Aussie government has announced measures to assist those workers who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus – so that’s both of us.

Then tonight, after binge-watching the Sopranos for hours, we went for a late night walk to get some air before bed. I chased a group of Seagulls (they were asking for it).

A grown man, chasing seagulls.

The stage-two restrictions, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post, come into effect from midnight tonight and will result in a raft of businesses closing their doors.

Cases in Australia now stand at well over 2,000 and these are growing steadily and a stage-three total lock-down is becoming increasingly likely.

The worldwide infection rates are now over 450,000 with more than 20,000 deaths.

End of blog post. Again, very dry content indeed I’m afraid.

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