The 'New Normal'

24 March 2020

At the time of writing, the Australian government has announced a further set of lockdown rules to help stem the spread of coronavirus. Cases across Australia have now reached 2000, with over half of these in New South Wales – the state in which we live.

At midnight Wednesday libraries, swimming pools, tanning shops, food courts, spas and many more businesses will be forced to close. This follows the closure of all pubs, restaurants, cafes, casinos, sporting venues and cinemas on Monday.

Weddings are now limited to a maximum of five attendees and funerals 10. This is all well and good, but schools remain open – this seems strange to me, as a number of recent cases have been of children under the age of 10. Surely this will have to change soon too.

Anyway, with all these restrictions, my latest blog is a bit dry on content. The ‘new normal’ we face means that our options of what to do on a daily basis are becoming increasingly limited.

Today consisted of:

A morning indoor workout…

Trying to stay fit with a daily indoor workout

…followed by a ‘social distancing compliant’ walk by the ocean.

A cormorant dries his (or her) wings, with Manly beach as the backdrop

This afternoon’s highlights included being on hold for 2.5 hours whilst trying to speak to Centrelink about Coronavirus support. I also read my new book ‘Girt – The Unauthorised History of Australia’. Decent read to be fair.

This evening. I went for a run up to North Head National Park

Evening run snaps.

Then tonight consisted of watching Westworld and the Sopranos.

See. Very dry content indeed. Staying safe though.

Worldwide, there have now been over 400,000 cases of coronavirus reported with over 17,000 deaths.

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