So what do we do when the beach closes?

21 March 2020

I woke to the news that the global number of COVID-19 cases has risen to more than 200,000 globally with over 11,000 deaths. The number of cases in Australia are now well above 1,000.

Elsewhere, a number of locals are being slated in the press for gathering at Bondi Beach during despite yesterday’s social-distancing regulations.

On a morning walk around Manly it became clear that the vast majority of businesses were taking the required actions regarding social distancing. The Boathouse at Shelly Beach had even shut its doors for the first time that I can remember – it’s usually packed in this tourist hot-spot on a Saturday morning.

In the afternoon, it was announced that several of Sydney’s major beaches would be closing (including Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte). Surely it’s only a matter of time before Manly follows suit. In which case, what will we do?

The rest of the day was spent deep-cleaning the apartment.

Tory cleaning a table in an apartment

Plus, we met a couple of awesome puppies…

A man holding a spaniel puppy

….and enjoyed a lovely ‘dinner at a distance’ with friends. Notice all the fresh, locally sourced veg. Definitely no need to panic buy folks.

Dinner on a table

Meanwhile, back in the UK – all bars, restaurants, gyms, cinemas etc are all being shut down. Plus, there’s talk of the government subsidising up to 80% of wages for those workers affected. We’re praying for something similar over here to help with cost of living.

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