Time to get productive ft. the Manly seal

19 March 2020

Ok, time to get productive.

First up, time for a run. I try and run at least 20 kilometres per week and find daily exercise keeps me sane – especially without work. Today’s run was a real treat as I got up close and personal with a seal who was sunning him (or her) self on a rock by the ocean.

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Snoozy seal 😴

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The rest of the day included: updating my LinkedIn profile and resume (someone hire me please), reaching out to some contacts regarding jobs and preparing for the impending apocalypse with some serious panic-buying and bulk-cooking with my gorgeous fiance, Tory.

A freezer full of prepared meals
Full freezer – don’t worry people, all of the plastic bags are reusable

In more serious news. COVID-19 cases have risen by 123 overnight, to 567 confirmed cases nationwide. The majority of which are in and around NSW.

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