The 'f&$k it' day

18 March 2020

I was definitely not at my sharpest today. A few too many happy hour beers at Four Pines set the tone for the rest of the evening. Wine with dinner and a couple of whiskies followed – the aim was to drink away our sorrows, and drink them away we did.

Today was also the day my dad and his partner headed back to the UK. I wanted them to stay, I genuinely think it will be safer here than in the UK. However, many major airlines are cancelling their overseas flights and they are keen to get home whilst they still can. If they didn’t go today, it could have been months. So off they went – back to the 14-day quarantine introduced by the UK government.

It definitely feels that the hysteria is increasing here now too. Australia have today implemented 14-day self-isolation for new arrivals and cases of COVID-19 are the rise across Australia. We’ve had 78 new confirmed infections overnight, bringing the total to 454 in Australia.

After the parents departed. We did some mandatory some panic-buying (sorry everyone), relaxed at the beach, headed to the pub for happy hour and enjoyed dinner and wine at home. A sad day for us overall and our last ‘f$&k it day’ before updating resumes, job hunting, budgeting, bulk-cooking and relative isolation kick-off tomorrow.

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