The day reality kicked in

17 March 2020

Today is St. Patrick’s Day – another event that has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading globally. It is also the day that I lost my job. For me, today is the day that the true economic implications of the virus well and truly hit home.

I worked in the travel industry, specifically in the cruise sector – a sector that has suffered devastating financial losses in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak as existing customers cancel their cruise holidays. To make matters worse, almost all cruise lines globally have cancelled all cruises until at least May or June.

The industry is on its knees. I was expecting to lose my job at some stage (as half my colleagues already have in the previous 7 days). Today I did. It’s no great surprise to me. Last in, first out/marketing cut down/cost savings – call it what you will. The industry has been decimated, the company need to cut costs to save the business and I’m out.

The previous day my fiance also lost her job as an Events manager. So things are not looking good.

At this point our concern is more economic, than for our health. We’re now living in one of the most expensive suburbs in Australia, with no income. Both of our industries are in the gutter, with no sign of an upturn.

The silver lining: My dad and his partner fly back to the UK on Wednesday afternoon, so at least I get to spend the next couple of days with them.

It’s been a shitty day. It’s raining. I need a drink. Off to the pub it is…

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