The sun will rise again

31 March 2020 Getting up to watch the sunrise over Manly beach is is one of my favourite activities. Not only is it beautiful watching the sun rise over the Pacific ocean, but it is invigorating and really sets you up for the day ahead. It might be tough setting the alarm that bit earlier,Continue reading “The sun will rise again”

Staying positive on a rainy day

30 March 2020 Today was a rainy day. It was raining when I woke up, it was raining when I had breakfast and it continued to rain until around 3’o’clock this afternoon. It was all in all a pretty miserable day, weather-wise at least. But guess what? I didn’t let that get me down. IContinue reading “Staying positive on a rainy day”

Being neighbourly and exploring Manly

29 March 2020 Today was literally the very first time in our two-year stint at this apartment, that we’ve spent any time with our neighbours. We all hung out in the garden – at a safe distance, of course – and it was great to finally do so. I think that now we have moreContinue reading “Being neighbourly and exploring Manly”

The great curry cook-off

28 March 2020 Another wild day in the Richards-Smith household during self-isolation. This morning consisted of a morning workout which included some questionable exercise moves… We then went down to the practically deserted local Harbour beach (known as ‘The Office’ to the Manly locals) for some ‘social distancing compliant sunbathing’ and some reading. This isContinue reading “The great curry cook-off”

Walking by the sea, whilst we still can

27 March 2020 A stage three lock-down in Australia is inevitable as the number of coronavirus cases in Australia continue to surge. We’re now standing at over 3000 cases nationwide and have seen a worrying increase in the number of cases that are not linked to overseas travel or existing known clusters. The virus isContinue reading “Walking by the sea, whilst we still can”

Running, napping and a whole lot of nothing

26 March 2020 As the title suggests, today was very much another day in the ‘New Normal‘. e.g. a day with not a lot going on. The headline picture shows a one of eight cruise ships currently off the coast between Sydney and Wollongong (a small city, south of Sydney). Following last week’s debacle involvingContinue reading “Running, napping and a whole lot of nothing”

Handstand injuries and chasing seagulls

25 March 2020 The headline is more exciting than the day itself, sadly. So I’ll keep it short and sweet today as I want to go to bed. The day started painfully. Before my morning workout routine, I attempted, and failed, a handstand. Landing heavily on my knee. It hurt (a lot), and still does.Continue reading “Handstand injuries and chasing seagulls”

The 'New Normal'

24 March 2020 At the time of writing, the Australian government has announced a further set of lockdown rules to help stem the spread of coronavirus. Cases across Australia have now reached 2000, with over half of these in New South Wales – the state in which we live. At midnight Wednesday libraries, swimming pools,Continue reading “The 'New Normal'”

A reality TV show with a difference

23 March 2020 On our afternoon walk, we stumbled across the set of a prominent reality TV show in which contestants are all contained together in isolation for a number of months. We were informed that filming had been ongoing since the first week of February. This got me thinking… The world that the contestantsContinue reading “A reality TV show with a difference”

The day it all changed

22 March 2020 Today was a crazy day. My morning started with a run up to North Head – a secluded national park easily accessible from Manly. The route took me past the Third Quarantine Cemetery The cemetery was built in the 1881 and is the resting place of over 240 residents who have succumbedContinue reading “The day it all changed”